“Writing is a form of therapy; sometimes I wonder how all those who do not write, compose, or paint can manage to escape the madness, melancholia, the panic and fear which is inherent in a human situation.” -Graham Green

When youth engage in our Writing for the Soul Workshop™ program, they experience the healing power of writing for themselves.  Exposure to our program is enough to start the healing process, and equip participants with tools and resources that can help them in many different ways.

In addition to the healing power of writing, those who participate in Writing for the Soul Workshop™ also receive additional benefits, like the opportunity for their work to be submitted for group publishing.  The opportunity to become a published author is exciting for our participants.  Anyone who has been published can tell you the positive impact to self esteem that happens when your work has been printed, and when you can tell prospective schools or employers that you are a published author, it is a game changer for anyone, no matter what they have endured in their “human situation.”

When we experience trauma today, one of our go to methods for coping are mental health professionals.  The benefits of counseling after a tragedy are important, but unfortunately, access to those benefits can be tough. A report from the National Center for Children in Poverty showed that 75 to 80 percent of children and youth in need of mental health services do not receive them.  Gaps in medical coverage and higher costs for caregivers mean that even where professionals are available, there are still barriers to getting services.  Even in times children are able to receive services, they are almost always recommended to keep a journal/diary to help them move forward and stop living in the past.

Writing for the Soul Workshop™offers youth that have already been identified as at-risk, an opportunity to work with caring licensed counselors, facilitators, and mentors to improve their ability to develop a positive attitude towards their future through writing and sharing. Watch how our program changed this young man’s life and then read his submission from Stories of Hope:

Original Stories of Hope CoverOut of The Ashes by Gary, Stories of Hope TEASER:

I know there are others like me that have been abused or who struggle with severe anger issues. That’s why I decided to share my story…. here it is. From the time of my birth to the age of six, I was abused. I suffered severe child abuse from someone I thought I could trust and love. That person was my father. I should call my father “Dad” but I refused to do so. My father is a monster …and this is what he did to my life.

My father was a manipulator and an alcoholic. When he drank, my father became very angry. When he got angry, he got violent. When he wasn’t being violent, he did other things to me.

Being in that house was like being in a fiery house of hell and no one knew. My father would act nice in public and then beat me at home …that two faced loser. He got away with it until one day after beating me; my mother noticed the bruises on my arms and legs. I believe I was around 5 1/2 years old. She noticed them while drying me off after giving me a bath.

She confronted my father and he began hitting her. It was at night, and I was asleep. I heard a big boom and woke up. I heard the sound of my mother’s voice crying out for my neighbors to help. She cried out for help to protect a newborn, me and my other brothers. It all happened so fast.

Later that week, my mom filed for a divorce. I didn’t even know that it was called a divorce. Mom simply told me that her and my father weren’t going to live together anymore. About six months later, my father signed his parental rights away from my brother and me. END OF TEASER. Click on the book to download the eBook or order a soft cover.

Gary’s testimony about how Writing for the Soul Workshop™ changed his life and his behavior, is just one of many from the youth and parents that have been impacted by our programs. What’s your story? We all have one. Let us help you tell yours. Submit your short story, poem, music, and art to be included in our #WriteForHope Project for inclusion in our Stories of Hope series. Simply, complete the Contact Form below or send your submissions to us via email at: submissions@tgimonline.us.

Please do not submit manuscripts that contain any of the following: obscene or explicit material, unnecessary profanity, vulgarity, or inappropriate or graphic love scenes. Any material considered for publication that is found to be graphic  will require a mandatory edit of the material and may result in a rejection of the material.

Please note that we do not publish graphic material. Therefore, you may be asked to remove graphic material or language.

If you choose to submit by postal mail or electronically, those manuscripts will not be returned and will be deleted or destroyed if not accepted for publication. Please retain at least one copy of your manuscript when submitting a hard copy or electronic version for our consideration and review.

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