TGIM Digital Publishing LLC is an innovative Publishing House that is in the business of creating tomorrow’s writers …today! Creating writers -and not just publishing writers, has given us an edge in our industry, and made us unique. This focus drove us to create and brand new services like our writing program: Writing for the Soul Workshop™. -Eric L. Jones, Sr., Owner

It is our mission here at TGIM to be the most successful writing program developer in the world. Our success is driven by an uncompromising commitment to our core values:    P. A. C. E.

Participants— A heart that values every Participant every day. TGIM Digital Publishing would not exist without them.

Associates— A daily acknowledgment that our Associates are one of our most valuable resources. We are committed to fostering an environment where the entrepreneurial spirit are encouraged and rewarded.

Customers— A company wide attitude that recognizes that Customer satisfaction is everything while providing an outstanding balance of value, selection, and services.

Ethical— A responsibility to conduct our business using good Ethics with un-compromising honesty and integrity.

TGIM Digital Publishing LLC is organized as a Limited Liability Company in the state of Missouri with a DBA Certificate in the State of Texas.

WFTSW Small LogoWriting for the Soul Workshop™ is an imprint owned by TGIM Digital Publishing LLC. An imprint is defined as a name, title, or other designation by which all or certain specific books of a publisher are identified.

All of the content generated by Writing for the Soul Workshop™, its Certified Providers, Participants, and Affiliates is owned solely by TGIM Digital Publishing LLC and the author that wrote the content.

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