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No one gets through life unscathed. Experiences that cause sorrow, pain, rejection, loss and fear touch us all. A happy, healthy, successful life isn’t the result of accidental circumstance; the thoughtful and deliberate use of available tools determines our ultimate outcomes.

Would you like to have a happier, healthier and more successful life? Would you like a simple, easy to use tool proven to help overcome even the most painful experiences of life? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Use the Contact Form below to share your day, or simply just to vent. We’re here to listen. Simply select a feeling word describing how you feel, and then write about your day. Need help with a feeling word? To see our Feeling Vocabulary, click here: Feeling Words

5 thoughts on “Write and see, just how much better life can be.

  1. I really love writing, it has been my passion since I was young.. throughout the years I’ve countinued in my passion as I had my grandmother to look up to…She had been writing since I was 8 or so…from what I can remember. She was telling me about a book she wanted to write and she let me help her. I helped with little concepts like hair color, eye color, skin, height weight. And help with various details throught the process. My grandmother became a published writer of a best seller…and has had two more published books since. I’ve had her to look up to, and truly inspired me to push forward in my writing. She would challenge me to little tests…such as describing something vividly, or writing a paragraph about the ocean, simple yet complex challenges, which helped both of us discover many literary techniques…I love her to death, she’s always been my best friend…she’s actually the one who told me about this website. Told me how it can help me get out things that I don’t feel like talking about but need to be realeased from. And I’ve been using this website ever since. I love writing and now I use it as a counseling technique to help with my past traumas. The creator of this website is my grandmothers publisher…he is a great man that has created a wonderful place for people to come and get out their inner demons…in a beautiful literary way. Absolutely would recommend this site, 100%. And it’s super easy to use. Olivia, 17.

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  2. I not only love to write but writing poems helps me way better to express how I am feeling! I’m so glad I came across your reply Olivia because It gave me a piece of advice on how to become a better writer. I get writers block sometimes and lately I’ve been trying to find ways to unblock the creative part of my brain. Seeing how your grandmother challenged you to describe something vividly or write about a certain topic is something I will start doing as a warm up to get my brain flowing before writing. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

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