Writing for the Soul Workshop™ was developed by Eric L. Jones, Sr. with the help of educators, psychologists, sociologists, clergymen and business consultants around the world. So far, there is not another writing program like it that improves performance on state test results, and reduces repeat juvenile offenders -while stimulating our economy by creating tomorrow’s writers …today.

Writing for the Soul Workshop™ is a SEL mentoring program that is aligned with the RULER Approach to Social and Emotional Learning. Writing for the soul workshop™ is designed to develop emotional intelligence via writing (our foundational anchor tool), the Feeling Words Curriculum, and a series of advanced courses that we’ve designed for high schoolers.


Writing for the Soul Workshop™ creates the ability for students to recognize, understand, label, express, and regulate emotions in an effective manner. When engaged, the program helps students to cultivate skills including self- and social awareness, emotion regulation, responsible decision making, problem solving, and relationship management.

The core goal for our Writing for the Soul Workshop™ program is using writing as therapy to help participants safely get what is on the inside… out. An impossible goal without expert advice. Watch as Dr. Stevie Dawn, an Emotional Intelligence expert, eplain why our program is so important.


Better writers develop into better readers. Better readers do better in life.  Providing our participants with hope and real-time resources is our mission. When engaged, Writing for the Soul Workshop™ invokes a passion for writing, resources for healing, and skills for a lifetime while tackling global problems like social, financial and educational inequity. Our program is packed with tools that help make a positive impact on youth’s lives in their community and abroad.

How it Works

Since the summer of 2009, Writing for the Soul Workshop™ has enhanced the quality of life for students around the world. Throughout the years one thing I’ve learned is that no matter our differences, we all go through a lot in life. Some of us more than others.

This is not your average writing program. Our focus is not academics, yet students who access our program begin to do better academically. When engaged, the writing program becomes a safe haven for writers to simply get what’s on the inside …out. Misspelled words and all. Watch the video below to see how it works:


Writing for the Soul Workshop™ has not only PROVEN to be a very viable and powerful tool for us, but our participants also benefit in multiple ways.  Writing for the Soul Workshop™ differ from other “writing as therapy” type programs because our participants have the opportunity to become published authors, and earn an income based on a self-created marketing strategy with expert advice. This long-term financial opportunity for participants creates a strong desire to continue moving forward, and to keep making positive life choices.

Here are just a few of the WOW Factors Writing for the Soul Workshop™ offers:

• Writing as therapy

• Peer Support

• Nutritious meals and snacks

• Lasting, positive and ongoing network of support

• Increased proficiency in both reading and writing

• Social Emotional Learning

• Publishing

• Participants can promote their work to earn royalties

• Fundraising opportunities to support your cause

Include Writing for the Soul Workshop™ as a viable component to your NPO, State Agency, School or Mentoring Program. Certification includes up to 3 of your staff. For more information use the Contact Form below to connect with us. 


One thought on “Writing for the Soul Workshop™

  1. When introduced to this site, I was shown that I can use my passion in everyday life in order to counsel my self in a therapeutic environment with beautiful literature that is raw and unique developed just by me. It’s breath taking, and beautiful, yet so ideal and remarkable. I really would refer my friends to this place…help them help themselves.

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