My Life in the Slums by Elizabeth Mary

I was born in a family of five children with a mother. In total, we are six. Since we don’t have a father to whom we would call dad, my mother was the bread-winner in our family. I am the fourth child in our family. Each of us still had to go to school. I wish we had a better place to live since our house leaks in the roof whenever it rains.

Where we stay, outside dirty water from a stream with different kinds of dirt brings mosquitoes. This brings to us malaria which makes us sick. We needed money to go to hospital for treatment but that money was unavailable. Mother has to buy food, pay school fees, provide clothing, and pay rent.

Sometimes we had no money for food, and a place to stay. Since mother had no money for the rent for two months, the landlord closed our house. We had to go outside and search for food like dogs. Every night we had to go in dustbins where people throw food which had remained. That’s what we had to eat. Sometimes we even knock on doors and borrow food. Some give, but others chase you away.

We had no blankets or mattresses so we had to sleep in kiosk where early in the morning one was chased away at night with that cold which sometimes brought sickness like pneumonia, and sometimes causing death. My life in the slums is terrible. One just feels like to kill himself, some regret why they were born. Some even blame God as to why he created them. I am writing this to share what life is like for me. I am writing this with the hope that writing will help change life for me.


How You Can Help

Support Elizabeth in her efforts to earn money from her work. Download Pieces of Me which includes stories from here in the US and around the world. When you do, she earns $3. During checkout, enter Coupon Code: elizabeth14 to get the eBook for only $8.99. You save $1.00 and $2 goes to support Touch Life Children Centre in Korogocho, Kenya where she attends Writing for the Soul Workshop™.

About Pieces of Me:

Pieces of Me is a powerful, cathartic glimpse into the struggles and victories of youth here in the United States and in Kenya that accessed Writing for the Soul Workshop™.  Pieces of Me was the first book published in our writing program.

In less than a year into start-up, TGIM hosted its first book signing for Writing for the Soul Workshop™ from our headquarters at the time in Joplin, Missouri. If you’ve never seen at-risk youth sign their first autograph, let me tell you …it is amazing. On the day of release, our young authors sold completely out at Hastings Entertainment. Four days later, we were hit by the worst tornado in US history.

Life for us was forever changed. So much loss …so much death. Yet, it only made us stronger …we clung to one another. Participation grew by 113%, and has continued to grow exponentially to this day. The is a Second Edition Release. It includes stories from some of the survivors of that deadly tornado.

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