Through our work with educators around the world, TGIM understands the importance of education for children. Especially the children in parts of Kenya.  The sad reality is that is that not all Kenyan children attend school, or stay in school. Statistics vary as to the data; however, conservative estimates indicate that only 30% achieve the KCPE that shows completion of a primary school education and of these only 50 % complete the KCSE for secondary school. Essentially that means that less than one in five youth will graduate with a secondary school diploma. With 1.2 million children orphaned by the HIV/Aids pandemic, it is clear that only a small percentage will rise above their poor living conditions to obtain the support they need to attend school.

One of the biggest challenges parents face are the tuition costs. A part of it was eliminated in 2003 when Kenya re-introduced free Primary education. However the basic fees of a school uniform, text books, PTA fees, and extracurricular activities remain the family’s obligation.  The primary needs of food, nutrition, health and care for younger siblings keep many away from school.

Another challenge for parents is the transportation of their children. Good schools are often a long distance from home. Those with the means send their children to private schools.  National, Provincial and District school all have different fee structures. They also vary in the quality of education and overall school environment. High achieving students are often unable to attend schools of choice due to lack of school fees and distances that require residency. In order to attend school many children wake up long before sunrise, returning home late in the evening.  After this they still have to do their household chores and if there is a source of light they complete their “school preps”. This leaves no time for children to play and develop in a natural way.

TGIM Maisha Bora Nursery School Logo

During an anniversary celebration last year, Maisha Bora Leadership rededicated the school and added TGIM to the school name, as a reflection of our relentless commitment to African children and families. 

The school currently serves 65 students, 8 of which are HIV positive. and struggles to meet their basics needs every day.  Currently the school has provisions to provide only one meal of porridge in the morning.  The staff there struggle to make their budget each month. Until they are registered as a charity, their staff rely on donations and the source funding we are able to generate. TGIM does this out of NO obligation to TGIM Maisha Bora Nursery School. We have no agreement in place with them. We simply do our best to fundraise for them and to provide the necessary forms to show how they use the funds that we send via Western Union. 

Pieces of Me 2nd Edition Cover with Emblem-01We support the school by giving them 10% of the book sales from Pieces of Me Anniversary Edition. Click here to download the eBook for only $9.99. Download it to your favorite device or Dropbox® and enjoy it from anywhere. The Pieces of Me series is a powerful, cathartic glimpse into the struggles and victories of the authors. Writing for the Soul Workshop gives participants, many at-risk, a platform to find a healthy form of expression in the written word. Pieces of Me contains stories from students in Kenya the accessed Writing for the Soul Workshop™ through GPO Kenya and their peers from around the world. Bonus! Also includes a story by Ngimat Mikelina, Head Master at TGIM Maisha Bora Nursery School.

If you would like to send provisions to the school directly, the mailing address is TGIM Maisha Bora Nursery School, Box 123 Isiolo, Kenya 60300.  TGIM is collecting funds for needed food, medicine and school provisions.  You can help support our school by clicking on this link to go right to our Go Fund Campaign. For more information, email us at or call us at: 682.235.TGIM.


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