TGIM is doing more than just talking about the youth jobless rate. We’ve created an Affiliates Program to impact those numbers by offering our youth money making opportunities using products and services created by them and their peers participating in our Writing for the Soul Workshop™ program.  We not only offer opportunities for teens to earn money, but opportunities to learn more, and to increase their ability to land a job in a tough market. Through Writing for the Soul Workshop™, teens experience accomplishments they can be proud of, all while reducing the global poverty rate.


Lucas, Ero, Saimon, Lotak, Sheila and Kan stopped playing to pose for this photo taken by Ngimat Mikelina, Director of TGIM Maisha Bora Nursery School
Lucas, Ero, Saimon, Lotak, Sheila and Kan stopped playing to pose for this photo taken by Ngimat Mikelina, Director of TGIM Maisha Bora Nursery School

Writing for the Soul Workshop™ is one of the most unique programs available in fund-raising.  We are committed to impacting communities in a positive and meaningful way. We know that great programs require funding, which is why we offer fundraising opportunities for all organizations.  Unlike many other fundraising opportunities that earn 30-40% profit, our soft cover books offer almost 100% profit, and our eBook download cards offer profits of over 500%. Our products are uplifting, and easy to sell, and when you purchase your products from us, a portion of the profits goes to ensure that youth around the world can access Writing for the Soul Workshop™ at no cost to them.


Small Business Owner, Kevin McKinnie made sure Springfield youth could access our program in his community.

Our program focuses on community investors that will provide the funding for Writing for the Soul Workshop™ to identify the right organization in the city that our Investor chooses, certify that organization to provide Writing for the Soul Workshop™ and fund initial start-up for book releases in that city. We offer this program for any city, and adoptions start with a minimum contribution of $3,499.99. This low risk investment is ideal for any business, individual or group. Yields a return of $4,499.99 in 18 months. Benjamin Franklin said is best, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”


Associates Photo 2

Are you seeking something that your business does not give you? Something no a mount of money or milestone has been able to fill? Then do something different …do something amazing.

Through Writing for the Soul Workshop™, we’re not just creating tomorrow’s writers today …we’re creating entrepreneurs. Become an Associate and experience the impact of exposing your brand and products to a new and vibrant sector through the unique and innovative products and services distributed through Writing for the Soul Workshop™ and our Affiliates Program.


GPO Kenya Logo

Nonprofit organizations impact our lives and our communities.  In fact, statistics show that more than 80% of the population will access services provided by a nonprofit organization in their lifetime.  If you doubt that number, think about all of the different nonprofits that provide community outreach in specialized areas –like organizations that impact children in Africa like GPO Kenya. But how do these vital organizations stay funded? By partnering with For Profit entities like us to create “Key Source Funding” projects like Pieces of Me Anniversary Edition. Book sales help GPO Kenya to meet their monthly Operating Budget. Would you like to partner on a project with us? Call us Toll Free at: 1.800.470.6498 and we’ll customize a project just for you.

TGIM Digital Publishing’s impact around the world is beyond tremendous. It all began with a writing program with no name in South Kansas City -whose first participants were a handful of Crips and Bloods. Today that writing program has a name: Writing for the Soul Workshop™.

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