D’Vyne Allen: The Right Thing To Do

"One day I was at school. I was playing with my friend. There was a girl who bullied me. She pushed me. My friend had my back. She helped me. The next day, we was outside playing. The girl who bullied me pushed my friend. I helped my friend up, and we went to tell … Continue reading D’Vyne Allen: The Right Thing To Do

The #WeAllHaveThem Project: Writing with an Impact

Writing for the Soul Workshop™, is pleased to offer a platform for care-givers, family, friends and those living with Disabilities a powerful and exciting way to get what's on the inside …out. We're collecting short stories, poems, art, & music from our Writing for the Soul Workshop™ participants -as well as the young and old from around the … Continue reading The #WeAllHaveThem Project: Writing with an Impact

TGIM Publishing Packages

We all have a story to tell …let us help you tell yours! We support the independent author by offering all of the services of traditional publishing houses (editing, marketing and global distribution), yet we are                author-funded like a self-publisher, allowing writers to retain the rights of their work, receive higher royalties and maintain control … Continue reading TGIM Publishing Packages