What’s more important than a student’s grades? Their mental health. We’ve developed a powerful solution to the response of teen suicide, bullying, substance abuse and the juvenile crime rate here in the US. We call it: Writing for the Soul Workshop™.

Donate TodayWriting for the Soul Workshop™ is powered by TGIM Digital Publishing. TGIM is a business with the heart of a nonprofit. Our program’s book sales and contributions from supporters like you, allow us to offer Writing for the Soul Workshop™ to youth and families at no cost to them. Be a part of the Writing for the Soul process. Donate. 

4 thoughts on “Meet Our Founder

  1. I dont know how I got on this mailing list but it may be through divine appointment. How can I communicate with you? I’m a writer, a person rescued from a dark place by God and a passionate believer in your Writing For The Soul. I had similar experiences but no support through school districts. This is successful if only because of your own story but so much more in reaching tje good in kids. Thank you

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