On February 28th, our programs ground to an abrupt halt, as the COVID-19 crisis became all-consuming for our Writing for the Soul Workshop™ programs. The first thing we had to figure out was how could we do our part to try to stop the spread of the virus while continuing to provide programs.

As we worked to do this, we were mindful that 34% of people who sexually abuse a child are family members. With students being stuck in the house, we quickly realized that our program is essential. For some students, accessing it onsite …is absolutely critical.

MJ Shares His Story
MJ (pictured above) reported that Writing for the Soul Workshop™ helps him to cope with anxiety, and boredom associated with social isolation. Our Pandemic Crisis Action Plan makes it safe for him and mentors to attend each week.

With distance learning and alternate methods of instruction (AMI) now in place, we have resumed offering all of the WOW Factors packed within our program -like Social Emotional Learning and mentorship to students onsite here in Arkansas. Regarding health and safety, we quickly created a Pandemic Crisis Action Plan and implemented strict screening protocols using CDC Guidelines and by restricting visitors in our onsite locations.

Our Pandemic Crisis Action Plan include screening for COVID-19 exposure, travel, attendance at large social gatherings, illnesses, and temperatures above 99 degrees. Since then, 93% of the students accessing our program onsite report that being able to spend time with a mentor is essential and that it helps them cope with anxiety due to social isolation and boredom.

Donate TodayOur work is essential, and we sure could use your support. $5 covers the cost to feed one student and $17 covers the total cost for a student to access the program onsite each week. Be a part of the Writing for the Soul Workshop™ process today. Donate.

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