Submitted by Nahnee

I want to learn how to work with others whom I don’t have a natural connection with. I want to go the extra mile to help others and exert a positive influence on their lives. I am passionate about helping people and want to be seen as someone who has helped someone become successful.

Today, everyone needs good guidance and role models. I lacked them both, and it caused me to travel down a road that lead destruction. I want to be that good role model. I want to be that good leader. My saying has always been “Change Brings Greatness” and that’s the truth.

Once you change your life great things will start to blossom. For some, it may take jail for that change to come, but it doesn’t have to come to that. As a mentor, my goal is to help decrease the juvenile incarceration rate to 0%. To help shift these negative paths towards something great.

In this photo, Nahnee explaings to Walter Sims, Director of Sims Strategic Mentoring why she wants to help teens. Nahnee nailed her interview and is scheduled to complete our next Mentor Training in May.

Nahnee’s Mission.

Nahnee was born in Long Beach, California and currently resides in Little Rock, Arkansas. She seeks to impart knowledge, and promote understanding among young adults who are currently or have been incarcerated, as well as spread empathy concerning their circumstances and living conditions throughout communities.

Nahnee spreads stories of her experiences behind bars with hopes of saving as many lives as she can through her book entited, “Convicted at 16”. Click on the photo below to learn more about Nahnee and to view her book.

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