When you meet genuinely good people, it’s one of the best feelings in the world. That’s how I felt after meeting Peggy Egan for the first time while having coffee at Starbucks. Our tables were so close together that I couldn’t help listening as she talked passionately about how she’d improve the community once elected to the gentleman sitting across from her. Elected to what? Curiosity got the best of me, and I needed to know.

When Peggy’s meeting ended, I turned and introduced myself. I told her that I couldn’t help overhearing her conversation, and then I asked if she was running for election. With an incredibly big smile, Peggy looked up at me and told me that she was running for District Court Judge. My next question was, “Why?”

Peggy went on to explain to me how she wants to make the Little Rock District Court a partner in community improvement. When Peggy finished speaking, she asked me about what I do. I told her about my Writing for the Soul Workshop™ program. I had no clue that she’d find us online, and go on to make a donation to help me give away books this summer. I’m eternally grateful to Peggy for her support.

Below, is a photo of local area teens in Little Rock who received a copy of Stories of Hope courtesy of Peggy’s donation. To donate books, simply click on the picture.

Stories of Hope by Writing for the Soul Workshop™

Stories of Hope was written by teens through our Writing for the Soul Workshop™ program. Like the caterpillar whose cathartic change becomes the most beautiful of butterflies, Stories of Hope will leave the teens who read it inspired and changed, like their peers that penned the book.

Stories of Hope is simply emotional nutrition and a must have for any teen. That’s why I’m working hard to give away 10,000 books to parents and teens throughout Arkansas this summer. ​My name is Eric Jones, and I am the creator of Writing for the Soul Workshop™. One thing I’ve learned is that no matter their differences, teenagers go through so much in life. Some more than others.

 Take a look at our Trailer:

Learn More About Our Donor

“Egan, a public school teacher for 16 years, moved to Little Rock in 1999 to attend law school and has practiced in Little Rock since, primarily in Juvenile and criminal divisions of circuit court. She’s worked the last two years as deputy public defender in Pulaski District Court. She recently received the Pulaski County Bar Association Lawyer Citizen Award in recognition of her volunteer work.” –Max Brantley, Arkansas Times

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