“If you stay small enough long enough; God will make you big enough soon enough.” -Corey Foreman 
In today’s Donor Spotlight news, I am pleased to feature Corey Foreman. He’s dedicated his whole life to serving youth, and he is my little brother. Recently, Corey made a contribution to help me give away books to teens living in Arkansas this summer. ​My name is Eric Jones. I am the founder of TGIM Digital Publishing, and  creator of Writing for the Soul Workshop™.
Corey has been an avid supporter of Writing for the Soul Workshop™ since 2011. He currently works with youth in Marianna, a small city located in Lee County, Arkansas. As a native of Lee County, Corey’s degrees could have taken him anywhere, but he choose to go back home. Over the years, countless youth that Corey has mentored are glad that he did.
Corey has organized and exposed our Writing for the Soul Workshop™ program to over 100 teens in his community since 2012. Stories of Hope contains poetry and short stories submitted by local area teens where Corey has offered the program. Here’s a sneak peek at one of them:
Is There Hope?
Hope for me?
Is there hope for me to change what I do in life?
Does anyone hear me screaming for hope?
Does hope ever hear me through this thick wall?
The walls around me hard to breath.
Can’t move, it is hard to breath.
Hope through these walls, is there?

Emotional Nutrition for Teens

Stories of Hope is emotional nutrition for teens and their parents. Stories of Hope was written by teens who accessed my Writing for the Soul Workshop™ program in cities around the US. Like the caterpillar whose cathartic change becomes the most beautiful of butterflies, Stories of Hope will leave the teens that read it inspired and changed, like their peers that penned the book.
One spark of hope can ignite a passion to succeed in the life of a hopeless teen. Corey knows this, which is why he supports my mission to give hope to 10,000 parents and teens this summer. I need your help to accomplish my mission too. Click on the GoFund Me screenshot below to make a one time contribution. When you do, I’ll send you a free download of “Thank You” buy Kansas City recording artist Rashad.

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