Roy Brown is a barber over at Masters of Barbering & Styles located at 7103 Colonel Glenn Road in Little Rock, Arkansas. Recently, Roy made a contribution to our 2018 Summer of Hope Book Tour. I shared with him that while working with teens, one thing I’ve learned is that no matter their differences, they all go through so much in life. Some more than others. Roy agrees, and that’s why he’s doing his part to help me give away 10,000 books to parents and teens throughout Arkansas this summer. ​My name is Eric Jones. I am CEO here at TGIM Digital Publishing, and the creator of Writing for the Soul Workshop™.

Stories of Hope is emotional nutrition and a must have for any teen. Take a look at our Trailer:

Stories of Hope was written by teens through our Writing for the Soul Workshop™ program offered around the US. Like the caterpillar whose cathartic change becomes the most beautiful of butterflies, Stories of Hope will leave the teens that read it inspired and changed, like their peers that penned the book.

Roy is a Little Rock Native who wants equal opportunity for all youth, especially those living in Arkansas. His contribution will be used to give books to teens living in Little Rock

Support our Donor and Save!

Roy’s message to teens when cutting their hair is “Go to school and mind your parents.” Do you live in the Little Rock area? Go see Roy and mention “WRITING FOR THE SOUL WORKSHOP” to receive $2 off your next hair cut! To schedule an appointment, give Roy a call at: (501) 243-0540.

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