You may know her by the pen name, Victoriana Lady Lisa and her book entitled ‘International Steampunk Fashions‘. Some of you may recognize her from her award winning show All Things Victorian. Students accessing our writing program know her as The Nutty Redhead after she donated a box of her praline gourmet nuts to our program.

“These are the best almonds and cashews I’ve ever had!” -Chelsea, Writing for the Soul Workshop

Lisa is a supporter of our writing program, and one of 17 survivors of child abuse and child trafficking published in our book, Removing Chains of Child Abuse. The book was made possible through a global community partnership with Ark of Hope for Children.

Ark of Hope for Children has been providing e-mentoring support for survivors of abuse globally for years, but they lacked a creative tool to help them grow creatively. Partnering with Writing For the Soul Workshop™ on this book project provided Ark of Hope with a seasoned organization that is working with traumatized youth to turn pain into creative expression.

Removing Chains of Child Abuse is the result of that cooperative effort culminated in this collection of survivor stories, poetry and art. We are so proud of the survivors like Lisa who wer brave enough to share, and we know you will be as well.

Removing Chains of Child Abuse

Removing Chains of Abuse 96dpiThe short stories, art and poetry collected in Removing Chains Child of Abuse are from survivors of human trafficking, child abuse and bullying.

This project was made possible through our Community Partnership with Ark of Hope for Children. Ark of Hope is a human rights umbrella organization using a trauma informed approach to serve survivors through various programs. This includes our Writing for the Soul Workshop™ program.

These powerful stories allowed those who submitted them to experience writing and art as therapy. They give hope to the survivors reading them that they are not alone and they too can recover. This book is packed with resources  for those still suffering, as well as signs to look for if someone suspects that a child is being abused. Book includes a journal at the back. Proceeds from book sales benefit Ark of Hope for Children.

About Writing for the Soul Workshop™

Writing for the Soul Workshop™ uses writing as therapy to help those hurting, or who have been hurt -to get what’s on the inside …out. This process allows healing to begin. When we partner with great organizations like Ark of Hope for Children, the program then gives birth to books like Removing Chains of Child Abuse.

Together, we collected heart-rending stories, art and poetry from around the US and Europe that will encourage readers from all walks of life. Removing Chains of Child Abuse is the first book in the Restoring Hope series. The book is simply beautiful and each page is filled with hope, resilience and love for the reader. Just like Lisa’s poem that is featured in the book.

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