As an advocate for the disabilities community in St. Louis, Christina Hune understands the devastating effects of bullying first hand, and how important it is to end this cycle of abuse. When Stand For The Silent partnered with us to collect memoirs, art and poetry for The Bully Diaries, Christina saw an opportunity to share her story. She now uses the book to raise awareness about the horrible impact of bullying. This summer, Christina invited both those who are disabled, and those who are not -together for The Bully Diaries in the Park Book Club event. After speaking, she asked some of them what they learned from the event as she autographed copies of the book for them. Here’s a snippet of some of the footage we captured:

Help Christina Give Copies of The Bully Diaries to Her Peers in St. Louis

Kirk, founder of Stand For The Silent (left), and his wife Laura have traveled around the world speaking to over a million students, many of whom have pledged to take a stand against bullying. Their message has reached the disabilities community in St. Louis, Missouri with tremendous impact as evidenced by Christina.

Chances are that you experienced bullying in your life. Whether your experience was as a victim, a bystander or the bully, if you search your memories, you will probably find instances when bullying was a part of your life. For many of us, these experiences have defined us and shaped us. Our experiences made us stronger, and helped us become who we are today.

When you are being bullied, it is hard to think about much more than getting through today. The Bully Diaries can help. Donate The Bully Diaries to Christina to help her efforts in St. Louis. Save when you purchase 5 or more copies. Ship to: Writing for the Soul Workshop™  ATTN: Christina Hune 204 East 4th Street, North Little Rock, Arkansas 72114.

Share your story.

Even as an adult, if you are being bullied -writing can be an effective part of your emotional armor. Every voice is important, so submit your story for publishing in The Bully Diaries Volume II. We will listen, and who knows? Getting what’s on the inside …out, just may set you free too! Sharing your story, art and poetry is easy. Simply use the Contact Form below, or email your submission to

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